Calm Magnesium Supplement Days 4 & 5

Sure enough, after I posted my Day 3 review of the Calm brand magnesium supplement, it worked for me…I think. I was up very late on Day 4, so I wasn’t fully sure if it was the supplement that kicked in when I finally went to bed. But I definitely suddenly felt tired…in an agitated way after taking the supplement. That forced me to go to bed because I felt grumpy. The next day, I was unsure whether the supplement had taken effect or if my body had suddenly caught up with my mind and I was simply feeling the natural effect.

I decided to give the supplement another try on Day 4.  That time, I was almost 100% certain the supplement had taken effect. But, again, the type of sleep I experienced wasn’t “calm.” It was a grumpy toddler-like urge to sleep. The product has overwhelmingly positive reviews, and most people report that it helps them feel calm and sleep in a more instant, relaxing way. Part of the issue could have been that I was attempting to stay up late to work on projects when I very well should have gone to bed. I will be giving this product another try at some point, maybe tonight as my sleep pattern has improved as a result of being more diligent about following my schedule. Stay tuned for more updates as I’m not fully ready to recommend this product for insomnia as the sleep I got after taking it wasn’t exactly…well…pleasant. Therefore, I think I’m going to test it further.


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