Organizing and Productivity eBooks

28 Days to Better Time Management Cover
28 Days to Better Time Management is the quintessential guide for every business professional, entrepreneur, student, and anyone else who feels like every day is a very delicate balancing act. Created by Rolanda Lokey, an NYC-based professional organizer and productivity coach, the 28-day plan helps the reader evaluate his or her own personal relationship with the concept of time and use that understanding to find his or her own “center of gravity” to make the highly coveted balanced, productive lifestyle much more attainable.
Unpacking the Purge-
Unpacking the Purge is a holistic examination of the concept of self-improvement through the lens of a professional organizer. Rolanda L. is a New York City-based organizer who supports executives, entrepreneurs, and everyday people in achieving their personal and professional goals by implementing “success-friendly” home and work environments.