Clearing Cobwebs from the Blog

I’ve been working HARD on building up my other platforms, and, unfortunately, the blog has been a little neglected. After weeks of telling myself I would update the blog, I finally created a social media posting schedule that should keep me on track. I will be creating a separate post detailing my new social media strategy in case anyone else may find it helpful.

I look forward to getting back to providing valuable content to help you get organized, stay organized, and achieve your goals. In the meantime…if you haven’t already, follow me on my various social media platforms for informative articles, discussions, photos, videos, and more! You can even join my Facebook group and ask me all your burning organizing and productivity-related questions.

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Hope to see you there!


I’m working on a much longer organizing-related post. But I felt like I OWED the blog a more immediate post in the meantime. So I will do an update. Updates are easy.


  1. I’m FINALLY working on the eBook. “Unpacking the Purge” is currently available in an online learning format, available on the Udemy platform. The next iteration of the topic of purging will be an eBook. It will be the first of several on various topics.
  2. OrganizeU…I promise I haven’t forgotten about that series. I will be adding more to it as I tackle my online course and eBook to-do list.
  3. EVENTS: I have very recently gotten back into sponsoring and organizing local events in NYC. A couple week ago, I helped host a full house of real estate industry professionals at a networking happy hour event. We will be hosting another real estate event the weekend of the 27th. Just this weekend, I was a cosponsor of an entrepreneurial and tech summit, hosted by NYC-based startup Illicit Mind.
  4. Sleep. I need some of that, so thus concludes this brief update. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!