How to Prevent Your Stuff From Getting Ruined in Storage

People make use of storage units for a variety of reasons. Maybe you recently downsized and are out of storage space in your home. Maybe you’ve just accumulated more belongings than you can accommodate. Whatever the reason, storage units can be an important resource. That said, it’s important to take steps to keep your things from getting ruined while they’re being stored.

Invest in Security

Putting belongings into storage may mean you’re okay with doing without them for a time, but doesn’t mean you won’t be upset if they end up gone for good. Make sure you keep your belongings secure while they’re in storage, especially if you’re storing anything of particular value. Storage units often have cameras throughout their facility, but that really only acts as a deterrent. Invest in a quality lock and consider installing your own security cameras if allowed.

Be Aware of Moisture

Water has a way of getting anywhere and everywhere, given enough time. When storing your belongings, whether in your own home or in a storage unit, it’s especially important to be aware of moisture levels in the area. If you’re storing belongings in your home, choose areas that are constantly dry. In the case of a storage unit, opt for one with climate control if moisture is a concern. Carefully choose your storage containers as well. Items in plastic containers are more susceptible to mold growth. Of course, the use of desiccants and making sure both the container and what you’re storing is 100% dry before putting it in storage can help with that. Check your belongings regularly to make sure they aren’t suffering from moisture damage.

Protect Fragile Belongings

Some belongings warrant more protection than others. Fragile belongings require more careful care and attention when being stored. Be sure to carefully wrap them in protective materials and pack them so they don’t shift when moving the storage container. Avoid putting heavy containers on top of those holding fragile belongings. Over time, heavy containers can cause those underneath them to collapse, putting your things at risk. If you’re storing photographs or art pieces, consider that such items can be damaged by exposure to light. Minimize this to keep them in pristine condition.

Just because your things are in storage doesn’t mean it’s not necessary to take steps to protect them. Choose to invest in security, be aware of the threat moisture presents, and protect fragile belongings. This will help you keep your stuff safe and secure, ready for you the next time you need it.

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