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28 Days to Better Time Management

“The process described in this eBook mirrors an intensive
coaching program I offer business owners, executives, and
budding entrepreneurs, many of whom are also balancing
family responsibilities and extensive social obligations.
Balance is critical for anyone who is tasked with wearing
many hats. Most people confuse the concept of “balance” with
the word “perfection.” The truth is finding your place of
balance is very similar to finding your center of gravity when
you re-position your body. Standing on two feet feels pretty
natural to most of us. But what happens if you are carrying
multiple packages, walking uphill, or even doing a
handstand? Your circumstances call for you to make
adjustments to the way you position your body to enable you
to remain balanced while executing your current activity.
The same is true of learning to balance your time while
attempting to maintain or even upgrade your quality of life.”

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Unpacking the Purge-
Unpacking the Purge is a holistic examination of the concept of self-improvement through the lens of a professional organizer. Rolanda L. is a New York City-based organizer who supports executives, entrepreneurs, and everyday people in achieving their personal and professional goals by implementing “success-friendly” home and work environments.