Meet Rolanda L., NYC & ATL’s Professional Organizer to the Stars

Places and Spaces

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Rolanda Lokey’s knack for creating hospitable habitats and well-appointed workplaces came to her naturally. As a student, she often helped teachers design and organize their classrooms. Years later, while working and traveling as an international fashion model, Rolanda unintentionally began a very deep and ongoing examination of the concept of “space.” She specifically explored the various ways space constraints and storage challenges are addressed by different cultures around the world. After two years of living in Southeast Asia, Rolanda relocated to the U.S. and settled in the New York area.

Organizer to the Stars

It was in New York that her keen eye for design and unique ability to interpret and utilize space developed into a career and a passion. Today, Rolanda’s hands-on, holistic approach to organizing has helped some New York City’s most elite residents optimize their home and work environments. Rolanda L. provides corporate and residential organizing solutions. Her clientele has grown to include corporate executives, fashion designers, entertainment industry professionals, and tech firms.