Reasons to Purge

Purging is usually the most dreaded part of the journey to an organized home. For most people, I find that it’s not the act of letting go of household item that causes anxiety, but it is the thought of sitting through a process that is generally perceived as tedious. Many of my clients also find that their anxiety is compounded by underlying fear or aversion to decision-making at the micro level. Nevertheless, there are several compelling reasons to dedicate time to completing a comprehensive purge!

1. You’re simply tired of having so much stuff.

2. Cleaning your home or apartment takes entirely too long – Once your home is organized in a manner that is maintainable, you will immediately notice that cleaning, especially deep cleaning, will take considerably less time. If you hire a cleaner to come into your home regularly, less time required equals more money in your pocket!

3. You need a mood “refresher” – Living in a well-organized environment can drastically improve your mood. I regularly visit homes where boxes, furniture, and awkwardly-placed household item block natural light from entering the rooms. Virtually all of my clients report feeling less overwhelmed once the sight lines in their homes are less obstructed.

4. “Things” serve a constant reminders. – Have you ever had difficulty quieting your thoughts? For many people, simply being surrounded by clothes, unorganized books, paperwork, and other items in the home triggers a seemingly endless chain of thoughts. Unwinding and getting to bed on time is much easier to do in a room in which items are at rest in their designated drawers, bins, and on shelves versus a room in which items are left out in the open in a constant state of uncertainty.

5. Because it’s simply time. There are certain life events when a purge is necessary. Some events include combining households, divorce, death, relocation, having a child (you’ll need the extra space for baby items!). The most common event people in New York City experience most often is relocation. I cannot emphasize enough how much time, stress, worry, and money can be saved by purging before a move.

These are just a few reasons to purge. My job as an organizer is guide you through the purging process to make it less daunting and more beneficial for you. At the end of the day, you CAN do it. Moreover, if your purge is executed thoroughly and strategically, you will be glad you did!


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