Entertain in Your Home Without Last-Minute”Cleaning Anxiety”

Most people can relate to making a mad dash around their home before people come over. But not only is this frantic routine avoidable in a properly organized home, it ultimately becomes completely unnecessary. Remaining ready for guest drop-ins is not always indicative of a need to clean more frequently, but it is often a matter that simply calls for more planning and deliberation when it comes to home organization.

Addressing the Issue at its Root Cause

It’s pretty easy to assume that the need to scramble to tidy before entertaining guests comes from simply not getting around to cleaning up. While this may be true in part, the underlying issue runs much deeper. A home in which every object has a designated resting place is less likely to require frantic cleaning. In the case of the person who says he or she struggles to put things back in place, I would even go one step further and say the problem lies in the fact that the current system of organization simply doesn’t suit the individual or household.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

I often encounter clients who say they tried purchasing various containers and organizing tools and read books on organizing, but still find themselves struggling with their spaces. Upon evaluating the client’s lifestyle and home, I typically observe glaring incompatibility in the way they are attempting to organize their home and their current needs and behavioral habits. The easiest way to combat this incompatibility is to spend a day observing your routine and arrange the home accordingly. For example, people who like to change immediately after work, but find that their clothes tend to accumulate on chairs and furniture should consider placing a clothes bin or hamper near the entrance of the bedroom, in the bathroom, or in close proximity to the furniture that seems to attract the discarded clothing.  Those who find that their bedroom requires more storage space for shoes, should consider keeping the shoes they wear most often on a rack in a common coat closet or on a shelf near the entry of the home. Sometimes departing from tradition can lead to a more functional approach that makes the task of keeping a home neat and guest-ready much easier.

The Bottom Line

Being more intentional in choosing storage containers and organizing tools–and even in planning room layout–can save time that would otherwise be spent gathering loose items and returning them to their rightful place. Therefore, it is okay to think about what “feels” right in terms of organizing as long as you achieve your ultimate end goals for your home and lifestyle.








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