5 Reasons You’re Afraid to Contact a Professional Organizer (And Why You Should Do It Anyway)

We’ve all been there. We can’t find our keys… for the third time this week. Where did we leave that other shoe; we’re already running 15 minutes late for work. Everyone knows that 8 p.m. really means 8:30 when it’s time to get together and have a good time. Perhaps you hate doing laundry because folding just isn’t your thing. Or maybe you’ve moved into a new place, and you don’t have the time to figure out how to make your new apartment or house truly feel like home. But for some reason, we feel it’s not quite time to pick up the phone and summon the professionals. The following five reasons are common obstacles that prevent many of us from contacting a professional organizer despite desperately needing the guidance and assistance.

1. You never knew professionals who can organize your home existed.

Like cooking, carpentry, and decorating, home organizing is a learned skill that is often greatly enhanced by natural talent. There are people who possess the skills to perform these services for themselves. There are also people who posess a natural inclination and are highly skilled to the extent that they are able to turn the provision of these services into a profession. Home organizing is no different. In fact, professional organizing began to rise in popularity as an industry in 1984. The Los Angeles area is credited as the scene upon which professional home organizing initially emerged. Today, professional organizing has expanded around the world, and home organizers are available in most major cities. Even those who live in mid-sized cities and smaller towns have access to professional home and office organizing services in their communities.

2. You feel embarrassed about needing help with organizing.

For some of us, there is shame in not knowing exactly how to maintain an orderly space or even an orderly life. Some people are secretly afraid their unorganized space will be viewed as reflective of a personal failure to learn avaluable life skills. Those of us who work in high-ranking positions in our career may also feel as if our unorganized personal space is a shameful secret that contradicts our professional image. Some even feel disorganization is a product of irresponsibility and lack of morality. The good news is all these notions are generally false. For many of us, the difficulties we experience in maintaining an organized home are the result of us never having learned a system for organizing that is compatible with our personality, our habits, our learning style, and our lifestyle. There is no singular way to stay organized. Working with an organizing professional can help individuals who struggle with maintaining order in their spaces identify strategies that can make it possible to achieve organizational goals and maintain positive results.

3. You are uncertain of how to communicate your needs to a professional organizer.

Sometimes we know our struggle, but we are unable to conceptualize what an effective remedy may look like. Professional organizers are able to help those who struggle with organizing their spaces and lifestyles better understand the underlying causes of their difficulties with organization and identify effective solutions. The first step toward addressing an issue with organizing is to contact a professional and discuss your current struggles as well as your related lifestyle goals. Organizers are generally able to identify causal relationships and envision solutions those who struggle with organizing may not easily see on their own without professional guidance.

4. You don’t know where to find a professional organizer.

Today, the best place to learn more about professional organizers and to find one nearby is a basic Google search. While conducting an online search for professional organizers, you may be wondering how to find a good one. Sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp, all of which include online reviews, are convenient places to start your search. However, as with other businesses, it is necessary to read each review critically and to look for common complaints or common points of praise. Real estate agents, home renovators, and moving companies are other valuable sources for referrals for a professional home organizer in your city.

5. You are convinced you cannot afford a professional organizer.

Professional organizers work with a variety of budgets, depending on the organizer’s target market and the type of service you require. For example, some organizers offer consultations that allow the client to take the knowledge he or she gains from the organizer and DIY his or her own space. Other organizing services are very hands-off from the client’s perspective and include organizing supplies and a team to complete the project without much interaction with the client. Depending on your needs, reach out to different professional organizers and determine whether they are able to offer the level of guidance and service you require to achieve your desired outcome. Today, some service providers are even offering payment plans to extend their reach to a larger audience.

The idea of inviting an organizing professional into your space may seem intimidating as people generally consider their homes to be very intimate and personal. However, you may rest assured that professional organizers, somewhat similar to doctors, are committed to professionalism, and are unlikely to pass judgment or deliberately make you feel uncomfortable in ways that are unhelpful to you. Doing research and, if necessary, speaking at length with an organizer prior to allowing the service provider to enter your home is highly advisable for those who feel anxious about seeking organizing help.

We offer professional, courteous, and discrete service to corporate Executives, entertainment industry professionals, and business owners in the New York City area who would like to create a more organized, balance, and peaceful living space, work space, and lifestyle. Visit or Services page for more information.

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