About Us – Professional Organizing and Design Consultation in NYC

Rolanda L., Professional Organizer recognizes the direct impact an environment can have on the mood, sense of security, and overall productivity of the people within it. The current state of your home or workplace may be the missing link between how you feel right now and living a life that is more peaceful and fulfilling.

Do you feel restored each day you wake up in your home? Do you and your employees experience a sense of clarity and the ability to focus when you are at work?

Rolanda is available to help individuals, families, small businesses, and corporations challenge they way they view and utilize their environment with the end goal of enabling each client to answer the above questions with a resounding “YES!”

Clients in NY, NJ, and CT are encouraged to call or email Rolanda L., Professional Organizer. We look forward to helping you maximize your quality of life by using your home or office as a starting point!

One thought on “About Us – Professional Organizing and Design Consultation in NYC”

  1. Rolanda delivers highly personalized service that is backed by professionalism and expertise. She takes time to clearly understand the client’s individual goals, concerns, and objectives before creating a plan and implementing it. Rolanda’s knowledge, creativity, and personable nature can make a seemingly overwhelming project much more manageable and enjoyable.


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