DECONSTRUCTED – DIY Freezer Organization

Your freezer is a powerful ally in bulk shopping, ice preservation, and other general extreme cooling purposes. If the frozen section of your traditional upright refrigerator/freezer combo unit, the following tips will help you bring clarity, accessibility, and order to your frozen foods.

The following steps will help you achieve this very neat, orderly freezer layout [credit:]


Containers with handles

Alternative size – container with handle (optional)

Ice bins (optional)

Expandable Shelf (optional)

**Measure your freezer space and verify product dimensions before purchasing


  1. Remove your freezer items.
  2. [Optional] If your freezer DOES NOT have a shelf, you may be able to create one by inserting an expandable shelf.
  3. Place frozen items into the assorted bins according to categories (meats, vegetables, ice cream, etc.) and size.
  4. If you are using an expandable shelf that does not fit your freezer from end to end, consider using miscellaneous containers along the outside edge(s), and place the shelf in the middle.
  5. Enjoy the newly-acquired visibility and accessibility to the items in your organized freezer.