Cambria Heights, Queens Project

I love family referrals!..Actually, I love any referral. But this one came from an awesome client, who couldn’t help but share my services with her family members. This particular project was aimed at helping my ongoing client’s mother corral her love of faux flowers and knickknacks. 🙂 By working together, we uncovered the client’s desire to accumulate items due to having experienced economic struggles while growing up and fearing wastefulness. As a result of accumulating without organizing and purging, the client had run out of room to keep her treasured items, and they had begun to take over the dining room table, china cabinet, and shelf (a pretty common theme among my clients who own a house). First, we worked to sort the items and relocated many of them to more appropriate areas in the house. Next, we devised a system that would allow the client to keep all of her knickknacks, but would require that use them to create displays and rotate throughout the seasons or as often as she felt a need to change. Below are photos of the display we created during our session.



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