Upper Westside, Manhattan

A couple days ago, I had the pleasure of working with a very sweet client, who took advantage of a special I’m currently offering. She had previously worked with an organizer who offered very helpful solutions; however, the client still struggled with having functional access to some of her clothes and sifting through her shoes and accessories when getting dressed in the morning. So…our session began with a shopping trip, during which we found an inexpensive ($15.99) jewelry organizer that fit the bill nicely. We had originally planned to purchase a shoe rack and bring the shoes outside of the closet; however, we were unable to find one during our retail adventure. Things worked out great in the end when we re-purposed a wooden planter and a small shelf (not pictured) to visibly store the client’s clothes and shoes. We turned the planter on its side and positioned it on the top shelf of the client’s closet. Next, we stacked excess folded clothes on its makeshift “shelves.”



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