The Definitive Guide to Purchasing Moving Supplies

It finally occurred to me to put this post together as a one-stop guide for readers who are seeking guidance on ordering moving supplies.  If you like any of the items you see, simply click on the photo, and you will be transported directly to the product page on, where you can purchase it.

[Disclaimer: the following links are affiliate links; therefore, I will receive a commission from Amazon for all purchases that are made after clicking the following links to their site.]

Moving Boxes

Combo Value Pack – I would recommend this pack for a small office move or perhaps for an individual who is moving out of a shared room and has a small amount of clothing and relatively few books and other household items. The pack includes:

-2 Small Moving Boxes with dimension of 16in x 10in x 10in, ideal for CDs, book, albums, dishes, and glass items,

-6 Medium Moving Boxes at 18 x 14 x 12 for toys, kitchen appliances, or shoes, and

-2 Large Moving Boxes at Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 16 for bedding, cushions, and clothing

Value Pack with 30 Boxes – suitable for a studio or small one bedroom apartment, includes: 20 medium, 5 large, and 5 small boxes plus one roll of tape and one market. Note: I would also purchase an additional two rolls of tape to supplement this value pack.

Banker’s Boxes – for moving loose documents and folders; this 10-pack is suitable for a home office. Order more if you have a large home office with many booklets/folders/documents OR if you are moving a commercial office.

Banker’s Boxes 30 pack – for those who need a lot of banker’s boxes (i.e. commercial and large home officess)

Small Boxes – 25 pack – for medium to large households that have lots of very small items such as figurines, collector’s item, or mugs

Mirror Box – suitable for safely moving framed photos, artwork, and mirrors up to 48 x 4 x 33 in

Flat Screen TV Box – accommodates screens between 50 and 60 inches

Wardrobe boxes – I’m really not a fan of wardrobe boxes. Oftentimes, their construction is problematic, making using them way more complicated than it has to be. BUT I don’t fault my clients if they insist on using them for hanging clothing they wish to keep free of wrinkles and creases.

Plastic Storage Bins – if you’re moving to a place that has a little extra storage space, I highly recommend ditching the cardboard and investing in plastic containers for your move. You will thank yourself when you don’t have to buy boxes the next time you move…or when you need a plastic bin at a later date and realize you have plenty! This is a 4-pack of ~ 18 x 12 x 11-inch bins.

Plastic Bins in Assorted Sizes – This bin comes in packs of 5 of your single size of choice

Bubble Wrap – This stuff goes so quickly. If you have a moderate amount of fragile items, order two of these. If you have many fragile items and would also like to wrap art work and electronics (TVs, monitors), consider ordering 3.

Foam pouches for saucers – These are excellent. They expedite the process of packing a kitchen and allow you to save packing paper for serving dishes, vases, and other larger items.

Foam Pouches for larger plates and bowls

Foam pouches for glasses – get these and save time wrapping wine and cocktail glasses

Packing Paper – This actually a higher priority than bubble wrap because it’s a little more versatile, and one package lasts much longer than one roll of bubble wrap. Still, bubble wrap is useful for cushioning boxes.

Good Ole Scotch Packing tape – this 2 pack is appropriate for a studio or small one bedroom apartment

If you have many cothes, shoes, and/or household items or if your place is much larger than a one bedroom apartment, go ahead and spring for the 6 pack.

Room Labels – I usually inventory and label boxes by room manually. Tape labels make that process a little faster and easier for your movers to readily follow.

Room Stickers (Tape Alternative) – this pack includes Fragile sticers



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