How to Use Vacuum Storage Bags (Yes, they really work!)

After having seen my own mother use vacuum storage bags for years, I decided to introduce them to a couple of my clients. These clients immediately loved being able to compress a pile of clothes into a manageable, plastic-sealed slab, which could then be tucked away until needed at a later date.

Important note: I have ONLY introduced the use of vacuum bags to clients who did not have a preexisting tendency to collect items they no longer need. Translation: if hoarding is an issue for you, DO NOT use these!

Instructions: Vacuum sealing is much easier with two people working together to complete the process.

STEP 1: Fold clothes or linens into a neat pile. Choose a vacuum bag of the appropriate size, and fill it with folded items. Seal the “zip-lock” top completely. IMPORTANT: Run your finger across the top closure to ensure the top is completely sealed.

STEP 2: Open the circular panel in the center of the bag, and place the vacuum over it. If working with a partner, one of you should operate the vacuum while the other holds the vacuum nozzle.

STEP 3: The person who is operating the vacuum should turn it on and begin pressing down on the bag while the other party continues to hold the nozzle securely, making sure to COMPLETELY COVERING THE CIRCULAR OPENING in the center of the bag. If the opening is completely sealed, the contents of the bag will begin to condense.

STEP 4: Once the stack of clothing or linens has condensed until it has become a “solid” block, one person must turn the vacuum off while the other quickly removes the hose and closes the circular opening tightly. If the bag remains stiff and solid, the process was successful!

****If you completed all steps carefully and air seeps into the bag, FIRST, check the tightness of the vacuum seal in the middle of the bag. Then repeat the vacuuming process as much as needed to restore stiffness. If air continues to seep in, NEXT examine all four corners of the bag to determine if there are any rips or tears. If you determine a tear in the bag, simply use a new bag. In some cases, tears can possibly be repaired with clear plastic packing tape.

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