Organize Your Home and Make Money By Selling On Poshmark

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If you have found yourself with extra downtime and a little more uncertainty than usual, you may be looking for ways to occupy your time and make a little extra money. One of the best ways to generate income while tidying up your home is to sell excess items online. Whether your closet is overflowing with clothes, or if you are a makeup junkie with pallets you will never use, the Poshmark marketplace can connect you with willing and eager buyers. The following steps will help you get your Poshmark store off to a running start.

1. Visit or download their app in your mobile device store. You can access the marketplace and build your closet online or on your phone.
2. Enter your personal details, and set up your account by creating log-in credentials.
3. Create your closet! Carefully choose items that are in good condition and meet Poshmark’s guidelines. Your closet will attract more buyers if you start off with a decent amount of inventory. Start by uploading at least seven items for sale.
4. Add a photo! Including a photo and short bio will personalize your page and attract more buyers.
5. Be social. Poshmark is built on a social media-esque type of platform. Therefore, in order to attract buyers to your closet, you will have to interact with other people on the platform. Join parties. Follow other people’s accounts. Comment on items you like (no obligation to actually buy the item unless you want to).

Bonus: Share! Share! Share! Not only should you make a habit of sharing your listings a few times a day, but you should also share other people’s items. In return, they will share your items with their followers. Eventually, someone will see something they like in your closet, and you will make a sale!

This may all sound like a lot. But many of us have extra time on our hands, so it is definitely worth the time investment right now. Furthermore, once you’ve set up your account, all the hard work is done. Depending on the demand and popularity of your items, you should begin to see sales relatively quickly if you follow the above steps. Once I got set up, I made my first sale within a week!

If you are new to Poshmark, help me help you by entering my referral code: RL0214 so we can BOTH qualify for a $10 referral bonus.😉 If you have a poshmark store, drop your user name in the comment section, and let’s connect!


Productivity Apps to Help You Get Stuff Done in 2K18

It’s a new year. We all, more or less, want to be healthier, wealthier, wiser, and more aerodynamic. I’ve highlighted a selection of productivity apps that will help you keep that fresh new set of resolutions you’ve recently made. All apps are available on Android and iOS.

Apps to Help You Save Time


Addicted to self-help books? Or perhaps you may simply feel like your self could use a loooot of help. No judgment. The Blinkist app may be for you! Blinkist works with non-fiction books and delivers a 15-minute audio or written summary. The app contains more than 2,000 titles by leading self-help authors in categories that include Personal Growth and Self-Improvement, Management and Leadership, Psychology, Communication and Social Skills, and Motivation and Inspiration.


This one is for my entrepreneurs who use social media. Buffer is a social media management service that can be helpful if you manage multiple accounts. In addition to allowing the user to schedule posts, Buffer also supplies detailed analytics on Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and other networks. Users may manage up to three accounts free of charge and schedule up to 10 posts per account. There is a premium option which allows for more posts and accounts.

Derived from the phrase, “If this, then that,” IFTTT allows users to automate repetitive tasks. The app can message a friend or family member when you approach their location (useful when picking someone up after work or school or notifying a roommate or spouse that you are on the way home). IFTTT can also work with smart home features to program lighting to turn on upon your arrival and off when you depart for work each day. The “if this, then that” phrase refers to the app’s ability to program tasks that are dependent upon certain conditions (i.e. if I’m not home by 4, then text my sister to say I’m running late).


A super-charged email app, Newton has built-in tracking capabilities, a “Send Later” option, and can even remind you to follow up with clients. The app can also keep your inbox tidy by weeding out newsletters and other extraneous mail.


Productivity Apps


This app may work well for people who are interested in using the Pomodoro method to increase their focus. The app allows you to write your plans for the day and allocate time for each task. When it is time to complete a task, the app directs you to work in 25-minute timed intervals of complete focus followed by 5-minute breaks until the task is done.

Google Keep

Similar to post-it notes, Google Keep allows you to post digital notes on your phone, which will remain visible until you have completed the task and no longer need the reminder.


An app that is geared toward habit modification, Momentum utilizes Jerry Seinfeld’s “Don’t Break the Chain” strategy to help users build new, productive habits. Each time the user completes a specified healthy behavior he or she would like to turn into a habit, the app adds a new square to form a chain on the display. The chain remains on display via the “Today view” screen and is visually satisfying as it increases with each successful completion of a positive habit-forming activity.

Before downloading a new app, be sure to think about your ultimate goal and evaluate how well the app will support you in accomplishing it. The new year just got started, and there are tons of apps under the sun. Stay tuned for more reviews to help you live your best life by staying organized and productive!