Tools to Help You Organize Your Small Kitchen

Many New Yorkers know all too well what it’s like to be short on kitchen space. These kitchen products will those who struggle with having a small kitchen make the most of every inch.

These spice gripper strips can be mounted onto a wall or cabinet door for visibility and easy access. [Amazon affiliate link]

This holder for pans and cutting boards fits over a cabinet door.

Over the sink dish drying mat – simply roll it up and store it when your dishes are dry!

[affiliate link]

Broom and mop holders work well in homes that are low on closet and pantry space.



The Definitive Guide to Purchasing Moving Supplies

It finally occurred to me to put this post together as a one-stop guide for readers who are seeking guidance on ordering moving supplies.  If you like any of the items you see, simply click on the photo, and you will be transported directly to the product page on, where you can purchase it.

[Disclaimer: the following links are affiliate links; therefore, I will receive a commission from Amazon for all purchases that are made after clicking the following links to their site.]

Moving Boxes

Combo Value Pack – I would recommend this pack for a small office move or perhaps for an individual who is moving out of a shared room and has a small amount of clothing and relatively few books and other household items. The pack includes:

-2 Small Moving Boxes with dimension of 16in x 10in x 10in, ideal for CDs, book, albums, dishes, and glass items,

-6 Medium Moving Boxes at 18 x 14 x 12 for toys, kitchen appliances, or shoes, and

-2 Large Moving Boxes at Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 16 for bedding, cushions, and clothing

Value Pack with 30 Boxes – suitable for a studio or small one bedroom apartment, includes: 20 medium, 5 large, and 5 small boxes plus one roll of tape and one market. Note: I would also purchase an additional two rolls of tape to supplement this value pack.

Banker’s Boxes – for moving loose documents and folders; this 10-pack is suitable for a home office. Order more if you have a large home office with many booklets/folders/documents OR if you are moving a commercial office.

Banker’s Boxes 30 pack – for those who need a lot of banker’s boxes (i.e. commercial and large home officess)

Small Boxes – 25 pack – for medium to large households that have lots of very small items such as figurines, collector’s item, or mugs

Mirror Box – suitable for safely moving framed photos, artwork, and mirrors up to 48 x 4 x 33 in

Flat Screen TV Box – accommodates screens between 50 and 60 inches

Wardrobe boxes – I’m really not a fan of wardrobe boxes. Oftentimes, their construction is problematic, making using them way more complicated than it has to be. BUT I don’t fault my clients if they insist on using them for hanging clothing they wish to keep free of wrinkles and creases.

Plastic Storage Bins – if you’re moving to a place that has a little extra storage space, I highly recommend ditching the cardboard and investing in plastic containers for your move. You will thank yourself when you don’t have to buy boxes the next time you move…or when you need a plastic bin at a later date and realize you have plenty! This is a 4-pack of ~ 18 x 12 x 11-inch bins.

Plastic Bins in Assorted Sizes – This bin comes in packs of 5 of your single size of choice

Bubble Wrap – This stuff goes so quickly. If you have a moderate amount of fragile items, order two of these. If you have many fragile items and would also like to wrap art work and electronics (TVs, monitors), consider ordering 3.

Foam pouches for saucers – These are excellent. They expedite the process of packing a kitchen and allow you to save packing paper for serving dishes, vases, and other larger items.

Foam Pouches for larger plates and bowls

Foam pouches for glasses – get these and save time wrapping wine and cocktail glasses

Packing Paper – This actually a higher priority than bubble wrap because it’s a little more versatile, and one package lasts much longer than one roll of bubble wrap. Still, bubble wrap is useful for cushioning boxes.

Good Ole Scotch Packing tape – this 2 pack is appropriate for a studio or small one bedroom apartment

If you have many cothes, shoes, and/or household items or if your place is much larger than a one bedroom apartment, go ahead and spring for the 6 pack.

Room Labels – I usually inventory and label boxes by room manually. Tape labels make that process a little faster and easier for your movers to readily follow.

Room Stickers (Tape Alternative) – this pack includes Fragile sticers


Reasons to Purge

Purging is usually the most dreaded part of the journey to an organized home. For most people, I find that it’s not the act of letting go of household item that causes anxiety, but it is the thought of sitting through a process that is generally perceived as tedious. Many of my clients also find that their anxiety is compounded by underlying fear or aversion to decision-making at the micro level. Nevertheless, there are several compelling reasons to dedicate time to completing a comprehensive purge!

1. You’re simply tired of having so much stuff.

2. Cleaning your home or apartment takes entirely too long – Once your home is organized in a manner that is maintainable, you will immediately notice that cleaning, especially deep cleaning, will take considerably less time. If you hire a cleaner to come into your home regularly, less time required equals more money in your pocket!

3. You need a mood “refresher” – Living in a well-organized environment can drastically improve your mood. I regularly visit homes where boxes, furniture, and awkwardly-placed household item block natural light from entering the rooms. Virtually all of my clients report feeling less overwhelmed once the sight lines in their homes are less obstructed.

4. “Things” serve a constant reminders. – Have you ever had difficulty quieting your thoughts? For many people, simply being surrounded by clothes, unorganized books, paperwork, and other items in the home triggers a seemingly endless chain of thoughts. Unwinding and getting to bed on time is much easier to do in a room in which items are at rest in their designated drawers, bins, and on shelves versus a room in which items are left out in the open in a constant state of uncertainty.

5. Because it’s simply time. There are certain life events when a purge is necessary. Some events include combining households, divorce, death, relocation, having a child (you’ll need the extra space for baby items!). The most common event people in New York City experience most often is relocation. I cannot emphasize enough how much time, stress, worry, and money can be saved by purging before a move.

These are just a few reasons to purge. My job as an organizer is guide you through the purging process to make it less daunting and more beneficial for you. At the end of the day, you CAN do it. Moreover, if your purge is executed thoroughly and strategically, you will be glad you did!

Announcing Upcoming Workshops

In an effort to help empower more businesses and households to optimize their living and work environments, I have decided to begin teaching my tips and techniques in a workshop format! More information about upcoming workshops can be found on my Meetup page, The Organized Life ( Join the group to participate in online discussions and to follow along with the workshop schedule as more dates are added!

Tribeca Art Gallery Project

I was called in to assist the Peter Tunney Art Gallery immediately following a flood that damaged parts of the building’s basement and sub-basement. The contents of the basement and sub-basements were to be relocated to a second gallery space the artist also uses nearby. Before the relocation was set to take place, the gallery was subject to a multiple-day reorganization. In addition to organizing the existing filing system, I also created a layout plan for the basement and sub-basement at the new location, and I streamlined the supply area in the new sub-basement.


Upper Westside, Manhattan

A couple days ago, I had the pleasure of working with a very sweet client, who took advantage of a special I’m currently offering. She had previously worked with an organizer who offered very helpful solutions; however, the client still struggled with having functional access to some of her clothes and sifting through her shoes and accessories when getting dressed in the morning. So…our session began with a shopping trip, during which we found an inexpensive ($15.99) jewelry organizer that fit the bill nicely. We had originally planned to purchase a shoe rack and bring the shoes outside of the closet; however, we were unable to find one during our retail adventure. Things worked out great in the end when we re-purposed a wooden planter and a small shelf (not pictured) to visibly store the client’s clothes and shoes. We turned the planter on its side and positioned it on the top shelf of the client’s closet. Next, we stacked excess folded clothes on its makeshift “shelves.”


Cambria Heights, Queens Project

I love family referrals!..Actually, I love any referral. But this one came from an awesome client, who couldn’t help but share my services with her family members. This particular project was aimed at helping my ongoing client’s mother corral her love of faux flowers and knickknacks. 🙂 By working together, we uncovered the client’s desire to accumulate items due to having experienced economic struggles while growing up and fearing wastefulness. As a result of accumulating without organizing and purging, the client had run out of room to keep her treasured items, and they had begun to take over the dining room table, china cabinet, and shelf (a pretty common theme among my clients who own a house). First, we worked to sort the items and relocated many of them to more appropriate areas in the house. Next, we devised a system that would allow the client to keep all of her knickknacks, but would require that use them to create displays and rotate throughout the seasons or as often as she felt a need to change. Below are photos of the display we created during our session.


Dining Room Transformation – CT

The following photos were taken at the home of one of my ongoing clients in CT. During our first session, we tackled her dining room table. Instead of functioning as a designated gather place where family and guests could come together and have meals, her dining room had slowly become a place for miscellaneous storage. The work we were able to accomplish during the first session was remarkable as I helped my client identify her underlying emotions and resulting habits that drove her to accumulate and store excess items. We eventually were able to reclaim the dining room, and she was so excited to finally be able to host parent meetings at her home. She has since continued to work on her own to reclaim her detached garage and convert it into an outdoor entertaining area!

Great Expectations

Most of us want an environment that facilitates greatness. Whether it’s inspiring creativity, allowing us to work productively without interruptions or obstructions, or simply being a place where we can truly rest, every room in our homes and workplaces have a purpose. The way that room is furnished and maintained can have a tremendous impact on how well the room lives up to its purpose. Eventually, if our underlying needs go unmet, we will ultimately see a decrease in our overall quality of life.

What are your expectations of your living or work space?

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